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Tired of the Dealer? Mercedes-Benz Service & Repair in Chicago, IL.  Rennology Motor Sport Inc. is Chicago's premier independent authoritative Mercedes-Benz specialist and the number one safe and reliable alternative choice to the dealer.   As a Rennology customer, you will enjoy a level of Personal Service and Value for Money that far exceeds any dealer or other independent experience.

Top Choice for Mercedes-Benz Maintenance in Chicagoland

Here are just some of the reasons why customers choose Rennology Motor Sport to service their Mercedes-Benz:

Honest, Straight-Forward Advice -- The honest facts of what is happening to your Mercedes-Benz explained in simple terms.  We provide a written guide and set of priorities for service that help you plan for future maintenance.  You are always welcome to view your car with us - sometimes getting a visual helps to understand the work your Mercedes-Benz vehicle needs. 

Diagnostic Expertise -- Mercedes-Benz Factory Diagnostic Tools and years of experience help us to identify the precise Mercedes-Benz service item that can help solve a vehicle problem.

Timely Turnaround -- Highly Qualified, Professional Technicians and Service Writers that work together to complete your Mercedes-Benz service or maintenance on time.

Lower Cost than the Dealer -- On average you will save 20% and in some circumstances, services that the Mercedes-Benz Dealer charges for, we provide for free.  In addition, we only use genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts on your vehicle.

Personal Service -- We are not trying to sell you a new car - your Mercedes-Benz and your safety are of the utmost importance to us.  For more detailed information on the options for servicing your Mercedes-Benz, select the Mercedes-Benz Service page in the left menu.

Mercedes-Benz Repairs in Chicago

Need a second opinion on a vehicle diagnosis?  If you are in need of a competitive quote or second opinion on a suggested repair, select the Mercedes-Benz Repair page in the left menu or contact us at (708) 687 5258.  A second opinion costs you nothing and could save you a great deal. 


Mercedes-Benz Tuning in Chicago

Want to get the most from your vehicle? Getting ready for a track day and need a tech inspection?  For more detailed information or advice on the options for tuning your Mercedes-Benz with performance chips, wheels, suspension, exhaust etc, select the Mercedes-Benz Tuning page in the left menu or call us at (708) 687 5258.

Common Mercedes Maintenance Problems

Check Engine Light or rough running? Our Common Mercedes-Benz Problems section or FAQ will help you find some answers to the most frequently diagnosed Mercedes-Benz problems. In the Chicago climate, Mercedes-Benz vehicles suffer from very distinct weather related problems.  You may be experiencing a common problem right now.

Additional Mercedes-Benz Services

For information on additional services, such as wheels, tires, alignment, detailing, windshield replacement, or paint-less dent removal for your Mercedes-Benz, see the Services & Skill Set page.


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